Christine Spicer-Peltzer

Recognition of Chris's Work

Awards are subjective by their very nature. Judges and jurors can not help but to bring their own tastes into the process. Still, most artists respect the recognition that comes with winning an award. Christine is proud of the recognition she has received for her work. For her complete c.v please visit Christine Spicer-Peltzer c.v.(it is in PDF).

Award Winning Work (Please click to enlarge)

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More Information

Christine paints from nature, imagination or by commission. If you wish to purshase one of these works or to discuss a possible commission, please contact her at 613-602-3932 or visit her at her Starfield Studio, 1216 Lake Clear Road near Eganville, Ontario. She is constantly creating new works and this sampler is only a small portion of the work in her collection. Please visit here from time to time to see more of her collection.