Riding High and Divided

March 17, 2018

The Continental Divide

Another big climbing day but one with a perk; we cross the Continental Divide. Lordsburg is just above 4000 feet over sea level and we started to climb immediately to over 5280 feet. In one sense we are now all members of a bicycling, Mile High Club. Note: this club is nothing like the one rumoured to exist for people flying. To join you only need to have bicycled at better than 5280 feet above sea level. No partner needed. We stayed above a mile all day long and at one point crossed the Great Divide where I along with Bill and Barb Samose and our sweep Kelly decided to have lunch on the side of the road.

After the divide there were a number of rolling hills all staying above the magic 5280 foot elevation. Our final stop was at Silver City, New Mexico and still up where the air is rare.

Riding High
Silver City 5938 Feet Above the Sea

4 Replies to “Riding High and Divided”

  1. Glad you have green on today! Happy you got to see Uncle Roy and Aunt Karen. Hope your enjoying your trip,stay safe!

  2. Funny to hear about all those miles and feet since we don’t have those in Canada! 😉
    I’m amazed at the determination and physical strength of your group and enjoying the geography as you progress through the states.