Rolling on the River

April 28, 2018

ACA on the Water

We started the day on wheels and ended it on the water. Just how did we do this? We had a early start with every rider away by 8:00 am, both espresso (fast) and decaf (leisurely) riders. By 1:00 pm we were at the Ichelucknee Family Grocery and Campground for a kayak trip down the Ichelucknee River. Off came the bicycle shorts and on went our swim wear. It being a Saturday the river was busy but we still saw our fill of turtles, fish and the occasional bird. It was a great departure from the daily grinding of gears and rubber on asphalt. We are now three days from the end of our epic journey and it was time for something different.

Florida’s rivers in this area are relaxed and crystal clear. The Ichelucknee is a jewel of spring fed waters and soft, waving grasses. Suckers, catfish, bass and gar pike can be easily seen below the surface along with snappers around nearly every turn. On a nice Saturday in late April it also home to teaming hordes of sun seekers on tubes, rafts, canoes, kayaks and other floating items with names that I have no idea of.

The first two hours were grand until we hit the dock where these other item were launched and we came upon Tubeagedon. Dozens, no hundreds of children, adults and everything in between in and on everything that floats in an endless stream of rubber and plastic floating on the Ichelucknee like an oil slick. Any wildlife had the good sense to be somewhere else.

We still had a great time and were happy to give our butts and legs a rest. Later we had hamburgers, corm on the cob and some high octane sangria. Another great day was notched into our saddles.

2 Replies to “Rolling on the River”

  1. It was a pleasure meeting you, Bob. And your lovely family. You are definitely an inspiration. I enjoyed reading this post and look forward to reading more. Hope you enjoyed your time in Florida and congratulations on your epic adventure cycling tour of USA’s Southern Tier!

  2. Thanks Shane and I hope you can find your way to making your dreams come true as well.