Apres Ride

June 4, 2019

The sunset at Karumba Point

With the continental ride behind us it is time to sort through our belongings, pack up our bikes and have a little R & R in Karumba. Karumba is primarily a fishing town as well as an export port for cattle. There is a factory of some sort that processes minerals of some sort. Their sign gives no clue as to what they do but I am guessing they make concrete. It is also home to the Barramumdi Research Centre and hatchery. barramundi is a very tasty fish local to the waters of northern Australia and kissing cousin to the Nile Perch. They grow quite large and at a rate of about 1 millimetre a day when young. The species is male until reaching somewhere between 75 and 90 centimetres in length at which point they become female. Equal rights for barramundi!

Karumba fishing boat

Karumba is victim to about 20 plus cyclones over the past century as well as monsoon rains at times. Still, they can experience severe droughts and fresh water is often rationed. You can see salt marshes and salt encrusted lands nearly everywhere, a sign of the surging ocean. Tourism is becoming a major part of the economy with more and more investment by the Shire of Carpentaria.

A barramundi feast!

The highlight of my time here was a delicious barramundi dinner at a bay side restaurant with an equally delicious sunset. The entire group of riders and staff attended for what will be our last meal where we are all gathered. Ralph and Frank will make their way back to their home base while Andy and Niels take us the rest of the way to Cairns where we will all head off in different directions to our homes.

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