The Ride’s the Thing!

September 29, 2021

Me aside the seaside path

Getting out of Genoa was a bit tougher than getting in. Genoa (or Genova) is a large and busy city. Added to that was our departure during the tail end of a long morning rush hour. You needed to keep your wits about you especially as the motor scooters are a law unto themselves zipping in and out of the traffic flow in ways that are only predictable if your prediction is that they will do anything to get ahead. The outskirts were quite industrial with the shipyards apparently endless. After 20 kilometers of trying for 360 degree vision and radar like alertness we finally rode into nice surroundings.

At times there are dedicated bike paths
Beauty around every bend
There is not always much room but the drivers are used to seein g bikes
Many tunnels along the way

Here we were able to experience the essential reason for why we ride. For dedicated cycle tourists the ride IS the thing and this ride along the northwest coast of Italy is one of the most breathtaking rides any cyclist can hope to enjoy. The road turns and scoops along the coast offering new vistas with every turn. It is like riding through a Hollywood movie and brings to mind some of those scenes where James Bond is in his Aston Martin heading to some lush Mediterranean resort . There are tunnels and rock cuts into the sides of cliffs as you wind your way along the coast. The towns are mostly small and touristy. Castle like homes perch on the sides and look out over the sea. The seaside towns have promenades along the sand and the usual assortment of establishments designed to part the tourists from the contents of their wallets. The vehicles along the way are well used to seeing many cyclists and they give you plenty of room as they pass. Plenty of time to soak in the eye candy.

Castle and old city wall