Rolling On To Barcelona

October 10, 2021

Torre de Arara city gate

As rides go it was not the most scenic. We started out, as usual, with a fairly long climb to get over the hills from Tossa de Mar. From there our route zigzagged through some coastal towns and always seeming to find the steepest hill just around a blind corner. Steep hills can be managed if you shift into a lower gear ahead of the climb; however, if you try to shift while your chain and derailleur are under stress it does not go well. A few of us had to circle a bit to get into the correct gear before continuing.

This Su

town had something going on. One had a bit of a traffic jam caused by vehicles getting into a parking lot for what looked like a large flea market. The roads also appeared busier than I would have expected for a more typical Sunday in October.

Recreational bicyclists were just about everywhere in ones, twos and even a group of 20 or so weekend road warriors that I let go by me through a narrow construction zone on a busy highway. From the honking horns that sounded as they crowded the cars also trying to get through, I would say the motorists were finding their normally obliging attitude towards cyclists being tested. I waited for them to pass through before going through myself and experienced no hoking or expletives hurled my way.


On one quite, rural stretch I passed an interesting church which upon closer inspection had a historical information plaque posted outside. The church was built sometime in the 11th century and is known as Sant Vicene de Tordera. The sign did not say much about the church other than when it was built and that it is now privately owned. There was a photo of the interior which I have copied and posted.

Torre de Arara the city wall
Torre de Arara narrow streets

The most interesting town we rode through this day had to be Torre de Arara . It is another ancient walled city guarded by a castle on a hill within its walls. The castle, Castell d’ Hostalrich, is open to the public but as there are plenty of castles to see across Spain and I had a two day rest coming up I decided to pass on by. However, it is interesting to note that the hill the castle sits upon is cone of a dormant volcano. It is possible that the builders strategized that if attacked they would surrender the castle and pray for a miracle to smite their enemy.