Up Hill Climb but Downhill to Finish

March 6, 2018

First Climb

Today was all about the climb with the added attraction of a strong headwind. While long, the climbs would not have been too bad except for the strong headwinds and the wind tunnel effect made by the rock cuts. Our distance was a relatively short 45 miles but it seemed longer.

Breakfast at camp
Pie on the Ride at Pine Valley

After a quick breakfast made by Bill and Barb Samose, we packed up and were off. We had to make a short trip on Interstate 8 due to the lack of another route but it was quickly back to Old Route 80 and a lot of steady climbing. The nice thing about 80 is that there are some places to stop along the way. In the community of Pine Valley a lot of us stopped for second breakfast. I opted for a nice slice of pie with ice cream.

Refreshed, it was back to the uphill grind. I would like to say the wind let up but that would be a lie. However, there were some really great downhill grades to partially make up for it.

Second big climb

After the last big climb it was mostly a long downhill grade into the community of Jacumba Springs and a real treat, a stay at a resort with actual rooms, restaurant, pool and laundry! Jacumba Springs is tight to the Mexico border, so close you can see the wall. I wonder who paid for it? (the wall, that is)

The Wall
Jacuumba Springs Resort

2 Replies to “Up Hill Climb but Downhill to Finish”

  1. Shades of the Iowa trip with pie and ice cream.
    After such a hard climb and wind the resort looks like a nice reward.
    Thanks for taking us along with you on the blog.

  2. Sitting here up north watching the snow, living vicariously through your adventure. Great pics and stories! Will you be serving apple pie and ice cream when it’s your turn to make breakfast?