Beginning Our Push to the Finish Line

April 27, 2018

Riding Away

Today we begin to head inland in Florida on our way to our final destination of St. Augustine. We still have four and a half days of riding ahead but they should be fairly easy ones, especially when compared to the first few days in the mountains of Southern California. Unfortunately, today was largely spent on Route 98 which is flat, straight and bland. It also seems to have enough dump trucks and belly dumps to be moving a significant portion of Florida from one side to the other. The seventy miles we rode rolled by quickly enough but there was little to recommend the route other than being a way to get from A to B. They are building a new bicycle path from Sopchoppy eastward. When finished it will be a nice alternative to Route 98. There are some interesting sights still ahead but every once in awhile we just need to get from A to B.