Fair Winds and Flying Times

We get get together before the ride

May 30-31, 2019

Our day started with a late morning and a gropu photo in from of Cloncurry’s Post Office Hotel, across the street form the…wait for it…Post Office. We are heading north with strong winds at our back. It is time for the bikes to fly. The peddles crank away with little effort and the kilometres fly by with these conditions. The road today is less travelled and there is time to enjoy the scenery. In na previous post I mentioned the termites who’s mounds sometimes take over the landscape. Along this road I noticed that they have become somewhat devious taking to adopt a human disguise. I wonder what they are up to.

The Quimby Hotel check in at your own risk

Our lunch stop was at the Quimby Hotel a one time oasis for thirsty and weary travellers. Today it is just another ghost along the highway. It must have been a swinging place at one time with rodeos, dancing, drinking and rooms to rent. All quiet now as rust and rot are the primary guests.

Come for the night and stay until you rust.

We are camping roadside this evening at a somewhat public facility halfway between Cloncurry and the Burke and Wills Roadhouse 186 kilometres from our start. It seems to be a very popular place for the camp for free crowd. At least six vehicles with caravans (trailers) have pulled in and another three or four having taken a look at our 19 tents and decided to move on. One resident who did not mind our being here was a large and colourful spider that Niels found nesting in a nearby tree. As the Crocodile Hunter used to exclaim, “What a beauty!”

Gold Globe spider

More tail wind on May 31st all the way to the Burke and Wills Roadhouse. The Burke and Wills Roadhouse is one of those places that owes it existence to being right in the middle of someplace and someplace else and just far enough from both to be a good place to stop. Aside from the roadhouse and camping area you alternatives are strictly limited.