Up and Away

September 16 -17, 2021

My frequently postponed adventure began with unexpected ease. Getting to the airport in Montreal was easy thanks to a generously provided ride by my daughter. Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport was nearly empty compared to pre-covid times and I breezed through check-in and security in time for a leisurely lunch and restful wait for my flight to France.

Flying was uneventful except for having to assist the Arabic speaking woman seated next to me in filling out the somewhat detailed arrival paperwork required by the French government even though we were just passing through to other countries. Charles deGaul Airport was quite another matter.

Unlike Montreal, the Paris airport was a busy place or so it seemed to me. Maybe it is even busier when there is no pandemic but I had no way of knowing. Our arrival was in a far distant section of the terminal and required a rail ride and an additional security screening before hitting yet another line to officially enter France. Our flight was late and the time need to catch the next flight was short so there were some anxious moments for me and my seat companion but we both managed to make our connections after some scurry and sweat.

Eighteen hours and a few thousand kilometers finally landed me in Ljubljana, Slovenia, bicycle, baggage and me all a bit weary but sound. The last air leg of the trip allowed me to meet Lee, one of my fellow riders and one recent addition to the TDA staff on the same flight. The rest of my day was spent reassembling my bike and doing a couple of short tours around the town.