A Downer of a Day But That Was a Good Thing

October 3, 2021

Windmill in Provence

We left our beautiful resort in the hills of Provence with a threat of rain over our shoulder. Fortunately and despite a threatening start, the clouds evaporated and we had a sunny day for our mostly downhill ride to our next destination. It was a well needed break after yesterday’s uphill grind. As I say, for every uphill there is an equal and opposite downhill. (most of the time)

Coming out of the first village was a restored windmill worthy of Don Quixote’s tilting efforts. Everyone stopped for a photo and I suspected that such a photo would be mandatory so I made sure I took one as well. It was postcard picturesque.

Being passed for the fourth time.

The rest of the ride was fast and entertaining. I am not either the fastest or slowest rider in the group. I just ride at my own pace and if someone else rides along that is cool and if I get dropped, that is cool as well. Today there was a group that was quite fast. In fact, they passed me four times. You might wonder how this happened as we are not on a circular course. The answer lies in making the correct turns. I am no genius at navigation. If you want an example, read yesterday’s blog where I provided entertainment to some village folks. However, today I was spot on and my friends not so much. I was entertained to see them reappear in my mirror from time to time.

However, no matter how we get there we all wind up at the same place. A roof over our heat, a cold beverage available for purchase and a great meal to be served. Life is good.

Provence farm country