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October 5 & 6, 2021

The coast without development.

I did not write a blog for our rest day in Montpelier. It was a rest day and after the hard ride the day before, I wanted a rest. It was a day for laundry, resting and the Search for Sock. Unfortunately, my only cold weather wool sock decided that it wanted a divorce while visiting the laundry. I asked around about her but no one seemed to know if she had hooked up with anyone else. Instead, I rebounded quickly by purchasing another pair at Decathlon, a well known multi-national, seller of socks and other stuff. I left the now unmatched spouse to sulk alone in my clothing bag. However, my wandering sock seemed to have second thoughts about leaving her mate and was reunited the morning of our departure just in time to catch a ride with me before leaving Montpelier.

Montpelier is quite a pretty city and I would not be doing it justice without sharing a few pictures before leaving the subject. After all, it is far more than just a place for socks to find themselves.

A city of many fountains

Leaving Montpelier we headed towards the sea and followed it for quite some distance along some great bicycle paths. The wind continued to be a nuisance by staying at gale force but mostly as a cross wind. Occasionally our route turned into it but the lack of a driving rain and the presence of strong sunshine made the day quite enjoyable. Seabirds and pink flamingos were occasionally seen as we rode along.

We ate lunch alongside the Midi Canal and watched a leisure boat with bicycles on board pass by. A short distance away a number of leisure craft and other canal boats were moored. It is a relaxed way to travel. Following the canal makes for a flat ride and it was nice to be able to enjoy the scenery free of any vehicle worries.

Our stay this evening is in the resort town of Valras Plage. It reminds me of some places along the east coast of the USA during the off season. More restaurants are open and more people seem to be around but the atmosphere is definitely relaxed. A good place to end a fairly easy day.

The draw bridge in Sete.
Just me posing for a selfie to prove I am really here
La Mare at Valras Plage