Winter Training Sucks

When you live in Ontario above Highway 7 and are getting in shape for a ride beginning in early March, the training sucks. I don’t know of a single person that loves extended spin sessions or two to three hours at a time on a stationary bike. Having high quality TV to watch only makes the experience endurable, not enjoyable. Still, I have been lucky enough to be able to get outdoors and on the road four times during the month of January which is definitely an unexpected bonus for where I live during January. Well worth the nearly frozen toes and fingers that are the price you pay. I know that my hard core friends are willing to strap themselves onto their fat bikes during almost any weather conditions but I fear a skid-out or other misfortune that could injure me in a way that could scuttle the trip I am training for. For now I’ll have to saddle up indoors, dream of the adventure ahead and enjoy season 3 of The Newsroom.

2 Replies to “Winter Training Sucks”

  1. I get the January training. Living in the Pacific Northwest winter at times gets the best of the outdoors. Today marks 2 months post hip replacement surgery and definitely easier then my knee replacements. Dropped 70lbs to get there and a few more to go and now have to build muscles back up to keep the new hardware in place. In closing, keep rocking Bob, my times with you Jimmy and your Dad are very treasured.